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Publications in Scopus-indexed journals help authors gain visibility and international recognition. Moreover, these journals are highly valued by R&D and research institutions, increasing their chances of obtaining grants, fellowships, and other forms of academic assistance. Furthermore, being published in these journals also increases the chances of being accepted into higher education programs.

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 Scopus indexed journal publication is an important step for academics, researchers and students. It offers recognition, visibility, and access to global academic audiences. It also helps increase the chances of getting accepted into higher education programs and grants or fellowships. 

scopus indexed journal Publication in thailand

Research articles from Thailand in Scopus

Research in Thailand has advanced significantly over the last decade, and many of the country’s leading research institutions are now regularly publishing in high-impact journals indexed by Scopus. In recent years, research articles from Thailand have been published in various Scopus-indexed journals in areas such as medicine, social sciences, and engineering.

Thai researchers have achieved great success in the field of medicine by developing innovations, such as new drugs and treatments for various diseases. In the social sciences, researchers from Thailand have conducted ground-breaking studies on topics ranging from gender equality to economic policy. Thai researchers have made significant advances in the development of green energy sources and technologies.

The publication of research articles in Scopus-indexed journals is a testament to Thai researchers’ commitment to high-impact research. By continuing to publish in Scopus-indexed journals, Thai researchers are helping shape the future of research in the country. 

Scopus indexed journal Publication in Thailand for researchers 

scopus indexed journals in thailand

Researchers from Thailand have made major contributions to the international scientific community by publishing articles in Scopus-indexed journals. The number of Scopus-indexed journals in Thailand has increased significantly over the past few years, and Thai scientists and scholars are taking advantage of this opportunity to share their work with the international scientific community. 

Scopus-indexed journals from Thailand cover a wide range of subject areas, from medical sciences to engineering and from the humanities to the sciences. Researchers have published articles in prestigious Scopus indexed journals. Researchers are also able to use Scopus citation metrics to evaluate their research output and impact.

Thai scientists and scholars have made significant contributions to the international scientific community by publishing in Scopus-indexed journals. The increased visibility of Thai researchers in the international arena has enabled them to collaborate with international scholars and access the latest developments in their fields.