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How to avoid plagiarism in a research paper?

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Plagiarism is often the result of researchers feeling intimidated by their writing tasks. The availability of written resources on the Internet has increased, making it difficult for researchers to determine what constitutes plagiarism.

Plagiarism includes copying other researchers' work, ideas, or analyses without giving credit or writing without proper referencing or paraphrasing. Including someone's work in your work but failing to credit them can be considered plagiarism. Planning your writing carefully, understanding your source materials, and acknowledging where your ideas originate are the best ways to avoid plagiarism. Make sure you cite all sources consistently throughout the text.

The best tool to remove plagiarism
  • Always give credit to your sources - cite your sources after quoting them or referring to them.
  • Put your own words in - don't copy someone else's words and claim them as your own.
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How to Avoid Plagiarism

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Make sure to rewrite ideas taken from the source material, so your paraphrasing does not constitute plagiarism. The author's message should be restated in your own words, incorporating it into the context of your writing.

Be sure to credit every source you use in your writing. This will prevent the risk of unknowingly plagiarizing another researcher's work. You will also demonstrate that you are aware of where your ideas come from, enhancing the quality of your writing.

You can avoid plagiarism by using an organized method of writing. Ensure you cite your sources in-text as soon as you write the first draft of your text. Write an article without depending on plagiarism-removing tools or paraphrasing software.

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