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Patent Services


Patent Services

Patent Filing Services

QUVAE assists researchers and inventors in securing their inventions at an affordable and reasonable cost. We provide patent filing services at the national and international levels and patent portfolio formation and management. We are led by a team of techno-legal experts who work to solve problems and assist in the process of the patent filing process.

Patent Filing Services
Patent Filing Services Why We

Why We

  • Team of Highly Experienced Techno-Legal Professionals
  • Core Technical Team with Domain Expertise
  • High Quality Output
  • Developing Strong Patent Portfolios
  • Cost effective
  • On Time Delivery

Patent Searching, Drafting & Filing

Patent Searching

  • QUVAE has an experienced search team for conducting global patent and prior art searches.
  • Our team performs searches in chemistry, life sciences, biotechnology, electronics, information technology, and mechanical engineering.
  • Our search includes patentability searches, validity searches, freedom to operate searches, state of the art searches and patent landscapes.

Prior art Search

  • QUVAE has an experienced team of technical experts in conducting global patents and prior art searches.
  • Our team performs a search in all domains that fall under the category of patentable inventions.
  • Our search includes patentability criteria, prior art search, validity search, freedom to operate searches, and patent landscapes.

Patent Drafting

  • QUVAE has a team of technical experts, consultants, and Patent Attorneys, who are experienced in preparing patent applications to meet the highest standards and requirements.
  • Our professionals work closely with the innovators to assess inventions and draft patent applications.
  • Our drafting process necessitates adherence to a strict check list, and each draft is subjected to a two-tier analysis while staying on schedule.

Patent Filing

  • QUVAE has a team dedicated to filing patent applications and managing patent portfolios. The team provides guidance on patent filing techniques that are tailored to our clients' needs.
  • The team takes a holistic approach to developing filing strategies, considering our clients' requirements. Our team files PCT applications for Indian clients in addition to filing patent applications in India.
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Frequently Asked Questions


A patent is an exclusive right to an invention. It protects the inventor against infringement by third parties.

Novelty: The invention should not be known publicly anywhere in the world before the filing date, not even through your own actions.

Inventive step: The invention must not be obvious to a person skilled in the art.

Industrial applicability: The invention (product/production process) must offer an industrial application with technical characteristics.
An invention can be patented which concerns either a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application.
Inventions that fall under the categories of sections 3 and 4 of the Indian Patents Act are not Patentable.
The term of each patent granted shall be 20 years from the filing date of the application.
The information relating to the patent application is published in the Patent office Journal issued every Friday. This is also available in electronic form on the website of the Patent Office,
A patent application can be filed either by the true and first inventor or his assignee, either alone or jointly with any other person. However, the legal representative of any deceased person can also make an application for a patent.
A patent application with a provisional specification or complete specification can be submitted to the Indian Patent Office. When the request is filed with a provisional specification, a complete specification must be filed within 12 months of the date on which the provisional request is filed. After this period, there is no further time extension to file complete specification.
Yes, one can file patent applications through a comprehensive online filing system at
Yes, the applicant can make a request for early publication in Form 9 along with the prescribed fee. The Patent Office publishes within one month after it receives that request.
After submission, a patent application is not automatically examined. The examination is only carried out after the examination request in Form 18 or Form 18A has been received.
After examination, the Patent Office issues the applicant's examination report, referred to as a First Examination report (FER). The applicant shall then comply with the requirements (within 6 months from the FER Date), which can be extended by 3 months.
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