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    The aim of this webinar is to present the opportunity for your work to be seen and valued.

    • Ethical dilemmas in publication & Publisher issues.
    • Publication issues  & Plagiarism
    • Authorship & Duplicate publication 
    • Responsibilities of publication (Editor/reviewer).
    • Publication in Indexed journals- Scopus/ web of science.
    • Lack of awareness in publication & Common problems in publication.
    • Dilemmas in Academic publication. 
Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae

Our Speaker

Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae

Dr Ahdi Hassan

Ahdi Hassan is serving as a Researcher at Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Commissioning Editor, IGI Global publishes more than 170 journals quarterly and semi-annually, Researcher, "Vanishing Languages and Cultural Heritage", Austrian Academy of Sciences, representative of Imperial English UK-A Trusted British Brand in English Language, Independent Research International [IRI] and Advisor Scholarly Journal Management. He has been Associate or Consulting Editor of numerous journals and also served the editorial review board from 2013- to till now.

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  • Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae
  • Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae
Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae

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