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What You Will Learn?

    Demonstrate how to analyze for frequency

    Demonstrate how to analyze for Mean evaluation

    Demonstrate how to test for standard deviation (SD)

    Demonstrate how to test the Q-Q plots

    Demonstrate how to test reliability (Cronbach's Alpha)

    Demonstrate how to test KMO and Factor (Component) Analysis

    Demonstrate how to test Chi-Square

    Demonstrate how to evaluate for the paired t-test

    Demonstrate how to assess for ANOVA.

    Demonstrate how to compute the variables.

    Demonstrate how to assess Pearson correlation.

    Demonstrate how to evaluate Simple Regression Analysis

    Demonstrate how to assess Multiple Regression Analysis

    Demonstrate how to export SPSS (SAV) to Microsoft word

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Our Speaker

Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae

Dr Supaprawat Siripipatthanakul

PhD & DBA Holder Researcher

In 2011, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University approved a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Educational Administration. He started as an instructor in dentistry at a private university in Thailand in 2006 but has shifted to being an instructor in education at Bangkok Thonburi University, Thailand, from 2011 until now. Since becoming a DBA researcher at Manipal GlobalNxt University in 2020, he has also published scholarly papers. He got a CEFR Level 5 (C1) certificate from AAARYA Business College in Singapore, a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, and a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program. He lectures on research methodology (management research) and lectures at some international universities.

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Mr.Rajan +919150471159

  • Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae
  • Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae
Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae

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