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    Commercial Conflict: Some companies pay spammers to spread false information in order to harm competitors' online ratings.

    Imbalance Classification: A fraudster and eligible users could be close together in Euclidean distance, but their labels would be different. However, this will lead to different class assignments every time we repeat the learning iteration.

    Lake of Required Fraudulent Information: In financial contexts, fraudsters would avoid dealing with each other to avoid detection.

    Redundant Link of Harm Users: spammers would use origin accounts to leave feedback on their abusive comments, so there would be a lot of links between the spam review and the real users' accounts.

    Fake Reviews Identification Challenges: the real Dataset is less accurate than other review datasets, and it is more difficult to identify fake reviews in the real scene

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Our Speaker

Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae

Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid

He is a Asst. Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Kufa, Iraq. Dr. Ahmed holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science, a degree in – Information Systems from the College of Computers, University of Anbar, Iraq (2001-2005), and a Master's Degree (M. TECH) in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) from School of Information Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India (2010-2013), and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 

Ahmed J. has supervised several final projects for Bachelor's and Master's in his main line of work and authored and co-authored several scientific publications in journals, Books, and conferences with more than 75+ Journal Research Articles, 5+ book Chapters, 15+ Conference papers, 10+ Conference proceedings, 8+ Books Editing, 2+ Patent. Ahmed J. is also a Reviewer in many Scopus, SCI, and ESCI Journals e.g., CMC, IETE, IJAACS, IJIPM, IJKBD, IJBSR, IET, IJUFKS, and many othe

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  • Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae
  • Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae
Scopus Paper Writing Service | SCIE, SSCI | Quvae

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